Choose The Right Realtor For Finding A Disability-Accessible Home

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Buying a home when you have a disability can come with different expectations for the features you'll want in the house. Rather than going about the search alone, it's best to find a real estate agent that has experience with disabilities and limiting your search to homes with accessibility in mind. 

Consider the following tips for narrowing down homes and what you should ask a real estate agent about to find a home that you'll adjust to quickly after moving in. 

Be Upfront About Your Needs

The first thing to check as you prepare to buy a house is seeing what your needs are and what kind of accessibility is the most important to you. Wide hallways can be essential for someone that uses a wheelchair, while carpeting could be safer for someone that is prone to falls.

Discussing what features will be the safest option for you can help you feel a lot better about what homes a real estate agent will show you and how comfortable you'll be after moving in. 

Meet With a Real Estate Agent in Person 

Working with a real estate agent when you have a disability or will be living with someone who does can come with some concerns. Meeting in person can make sure that you click and that they understand what features will be the most important for staying safe at home. 

Some real estate agents advertise that they have experience and even special training to accommodate homebuyers with disabilities. This extra bit of research can ensure that the real estate agent understands what you're looking for and ensure that you're on the same page over your needs.

Keep Your Moving Schedule Flexible

If you're eager to move into a home that you feel good about, it's best to avoid real estate agents that could have limitations over their availability. Making sure that the real estate agent understands the legal requirements for disability access and how soon you want to move can ensure that you won't run into any disagreements.

Being flexible over your schedule of when you can move can open up the number of options for homes for sale. Since the inventory can be limited when you need an accessible home, you can feel a lot better about choosing a home with this information in mind. 

With the intention to find a home that is accessible with disabilities in mind, there's a lot of questions you should ask when reaching out to real estate agents. The above tips can limit the real estate agents available and help ensure that you can get the necessary help you need finding a home. 

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