Top Tips For House Hunting In One Weekend

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If buying a house is your top goal, you will need to find the home you want to buy before you can go any further in the process. If you do not want to spend weeks or months searching, though, you may want to learn how to shop for a house in just one weekend. Here are some of the top tips to help you house hunt in one weekend.

Make Sure You Know Your Budget

Before you start the search, you need a budget. Your budget will narrow down the homes you should view and will help you buy a house that you can afford. To set your budget, you should follow these steps:

  1. Work on your finances and credit.
  2. Go to a lender to apply for a loan.
  3. Wait for the lender to pre-approve your application.
  4. Review your finances to see if you can afford what the bank says.

When you have your budget, start creating your list.

Create Your List of Features

Your list of features is something that will guide you in choosing which homes to view. You can give a copy of this to your real estate agent for help, but you can also use it as you browse online property listings.

As you make a list, include all the things you absolutely need in a house plus the things you want. A clear list will help you sift through hundreds of property listings to find those that meet your needs the closest.

Hire an Agent and Schedule Viewings

Next, you need an agent. If you do not have one, hire one. Ask the agent to help you choose approximately five to ten homes to view. Once you do this, have the agent schedule viewings for these homes during one weekend.

Document the Houses While Viewing Them

Finally, you should come prepared for the showings. To do this, print off house-hunting checklists or make your own. As you walk through a property, fill out the checklist, make notes, and take pictures. You should aim to be as clear and detailed as possible. You will then use these checklists and pictures to narrow down the list to just one house. You can pick the top house you viewed and begin negotiating on it.

House hunting does not have to take months. You can do it in just a few days. To begin the process, call a real estate agent, like those at Lake Cumberland Real Estate Professionals.