Proactive Reasons To Use A Real Estate Brokerage To Sell Your Home Instead Of Going The By-Owner Route

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A large portion of today's homeowners are quite comfortable with technology and capable of using it to market their home. But being able to create a website or email information to an interested buyer is only a small part of the tasks involved in a successful home sale. 

Homeowners who are preparing to put their home up for sale can use this information to help them determine whether they should take the by-owner route or go traditional by using a real estate broker to list and market their home. 

Which home selling option provides expert guidance throughout the transaction? 

One of the most important reasons for homeowners to choose representation by a good real estate brokerage is for the expert guidance available throughout the transaction, from pre-listing preparations to the closing and beyond. Opting to partner with a respected real estate brokerage means that homeowners have access to expert advice to help them: 

Even more important may be the fact that listing a home with a successful real estate brokerage means that sellers benefit from the proven marketing and networking the brokerage has developed and improved over many years. 

Which home selling option results in more money at closing?

At first glance, homeowners may feel that selling their home themselves will result in more money in their pockets because they will not be paying a real estate commission. Unfortunately, by-owner sellers often price their homes too low, negating those potential savings. By partnering with a good real estate brokerage, sellers can be sure that their home is priced correctly so that they earn as much as possible from the sale. 

Which home selling option results in fewer interruptions of daily life? 

Possibly the most important reason why sellers should work with a real estate brokerage, instead of attempting a by-owner sale, is the fact that there will be far fewer interruptions to daily life. Sellers are typically still working, with kids in school and many other commitments. Listing the home for sale with a reputable real estate broker, instead of going by-owner, will allow your family to maintain a more normal life than they would when fielding buyer calls, showing the home, and dealing with the daily marketing tasks required for a successful sale.