Tips To Help You Tackle Your Next Military Relocation Move

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Moving your household in a military relocation takes a lot of planning and arrangements through your military relocation and housing department. In addition, you can bring on the help of your own personal services, including a real estate professional at your new duty station. Here are some tips to help you manage your next military relocation and move for a positive experience.

Look For an Area Expert

As soon as you find out your next duty station location, you will spend some time researching the area and the surrounding communities. Doing so will help you get to know the type of weather there, how large the area is, and what type of businesses are established in the area. You will want to know, for example, where you will grocery shop and a great local gym to get your daily exercise in.

When you get in touch with a military real estate agent in your new duty station, they will be your eyes and ears on the area and can give you recommendations and insight about different communities. They will be able to find crime statistics and give you their personal opinion about various neighborhoods in comparison to others, and provide you feedback on school districts and local communities.

Search For the Right Home

Whether you want to rent a house or buy your own property at your new duty station, it is going to benefit you most to use an area real estate agent. They can search for a rental property that will fulfill your housing needs within your housing allowance and in a location that will be convenient to work and your family's school and activities. 

If you choose to buy a home in the area, your real estate agent can send you listings available in the area within your criteria and provide updates of any new listings as soon as they come on the market. If you want your real estate agent to visit a home prior to your moving there, they can take you on a virtual tour via a video conference and get details for you to help you make an informed decision about buying the property. 

When you are ready to buy a home, your real estate agent can arrange for a remote closing for you to sign all the paperwork and make sure the home inspection and appraisal is completed. Ask your realtor about arranging for the home to be cleaned before you arrive, especially if the home has been vacant for some time. And also considering most home purchase contracts require a home be broom-swept when the sellers move out, your military relocation real estate agent is a great resource to make sure it can be cleaned out more thoroughly.