6 Reasons To Love Retirement In Florida

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Southeast Florida has been a mecca for retirees for as long as anyone can remember, and its popularity has only increased over time. In fact, so many people retire in the state that there is a term for it: snowbird. Whether you relocate to the state full-time or spend your winters there, running away from colder, northern climates, there are plenty of things to love about the "Sunshine State." 

1. Sunny Days: Florida has over 237 days of sunshine a year, proving that it has earned the right to its nickname. Even the winter months boast daily high temperatures in the 60s to 70s (Fahrenheit) range, which is a huge improvement over the cold temperatures seen -- and felt -- in northern states.  

2. Condo Convenience: Florida condo living is full of conveniences. Retirees no longer need to mow the lawn or take care of the outside of the house. The HOA (homeowner's association) takes care of all the maintenance and annual upkeep on the condominium complex, leaving retirees with nothing to do but relax and enjoy their time in Florida. 

3. Sandy Beaches: Florida is known for its stretches of white sand beaches and views that stretch for miles and miles. Whether you are near the Atlantic coast or the sheltered Gulf of Mexico side of Florida, there is always a beach to explore. 

4. No State Income Tax: Yes, you read that right. Florida does not have a state income tax. While residents still have to pay federal income tax, it is nice to not have to pay state income tax. In fact, Florida's constitution prohibits the collection of such a tax, assuring retirees of that savings for years to come. 

5. Things to Do: No one can say they are bored living in Florida. There is just too much to do. From the Everglades to Orlando, Florida has something for everyone. In fact, golfers should note that Florida has the most golf courses of any state, with around 1,250

6. Fresh Seafood: Retirees that are also foodies will be thrilled to know that is a plethora of fresh seafood restaurants in Florida. The proximity to both the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico guarantees that seafood is caught fresh daily, to the enjoyment of diners throughout the state. 

Retiring in Florida is a reward that many retirees look forward to, and it's easy to see why.

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