Should You Buy A Ranch Or Two-Story Home?

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The real estate market contains all the properties for sale, and you can filter through the listings by location, price, size, and other factors. As you search for a home to buy, have you considered if you want a ranch home or a two-story? If you are not sure, you might want to view both options. However, you might want to compare the following differences in these home types before deciding.

Mobility Issues

One leading difference between a ranch home and a two-story is the stairs you will find in the home. Stairs are not bad, but they can be difficult for some people to use. As you think about which type of home you want, consider your mobility and the safety of your family members in a two-story home. If you have limited mobility, having stairs might not be ideal. If anyone in your home could potentially have mobility issues in the future, you might also want to think twice before buying a two-story home.


Stairs are not great for people with mobility issues, but they can also be dangerous for seniors and young children. If you start a family and have young kids or plan to, you might want to think about safety issues with stairs. Would you feel comfortable having stairs in your home? If this idea worries you, you might want to choose a ranch-style home not to have to worry about stairs.


Another key issue to consider is maintenance. Maintenance is something that all homes require, but it is harder to maintain a two-story home than a ranch home. A two-story home is much taller, as it has two floors. The height differences make it more challenging to clean the windows, gutters, and other home parts. If you want to have fewer maintenance challenges, a single-story house might be the better choice.


People often feel that two-story homes offer more privacy than single-story houses. If you have older kids, their bedrooms would likely be upstairs, providing more privacy. With a ranch home, all the rooms are on one level. As a result, there is less privacy. Anyone who visits your home could potentially see every bedroom, leaving you with less privacy.

Both ranch homes and two-story homes are great choices, but you might have a preference for the layout. If you have questions about homes for sale, talk to a local agent today.